Stick - Warrior - Covert QR5 PRO - 50 Flex -

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The Warrior Covert QR5 Pro Stick ushers in a new era for Covert with its signature feather-light feel with a deadly quick shot release, but now with improved durability, strength and pop that lasts longer than ever before. From the new FuelCore Ultra blade to the R.L.C. 188 construction process, this is the most advanced Covert stick to date. 

Right away, the QR5 Pro boasts a noticeable upgrade in puck feel and its longevity courtesy of the Fuelcore Ultra blade. The lightweight polymer core with the new Minimus Carbon 25 weave creates better responsiveness in a lighter package, all without comprising strength.

The unidirectional Minimus Carbon UD materials used in the R.L.C. 188 construction simply provide players with the lightest, most durable and most efficient final tool for sniping possible. Combined with the lightened FuelCore Ultra blade, the QR5 Pro stick always feels perfect in the hands. Meanwhile, Covert's signature Edge Shaft Taper requires little effort to unleash a devastatingly deceptive and quick shot release. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review